Hungry for Hibachi? An Update on the New Location

GOLDEN TRIANGLE REGION, MS – Courtesy of the Dispatch and Grant McLaughlin


Hibachi Buffet, late of Leigh Mall, has some news for hungry diners. They have nearly completed their remodeling work inside the old Ryan’s building at 1201 Hwy 45 S, and will soon be working on the exterior and signage. The main thing they’re still waiting on is furniture needed for the interior, which has been tied up in shipping delays. Their original plan was to open this month, but they’re currently looking at July: “We are still in the remodel, and when we open we will put it out with a post on Facebook,” owner Angela Hu said.

Rook’s Wine Cellar, 2118 Hwy. 45 N., is going out of business, and is offering a 25% to 30% sale on all items in the store; their last day will be this Saturday. “I’m 65 and we had a good run,” owner Mike Rooker said. “I appreciate all the customers, but it’s just time to do something else.”


Umble Coffee Co. will soon be opening its doors at 216 Industrial Park Road, near the Oktibbeha County Safe Room, per owner Kenneth Thomas. The business has been doing well since 2017, when it got its start as an online coffee roaster: “We have doubled our production volume every year since 2017. It just keeps going up,” Thomas said. “We wanted to have a coffee shop front to be able to showcase our coffee. But also it’s really important for us to be a place where the community can gather, because for Umble, we’re not here if we’re not people focused.” He feels that it is now time to move to a larger facility and add a brick & mortar shop so he can also sell his fine beans to more customers.

He also plans to allow for tours of the roasting facility, or simply relax and take a walk on their trail out back: “People who come to the coffee shop will be able to see the inner workings of the actual coffee production itself,” he said. “Probably not right out of the gate, but eventually, we’ll probably set up for what I call eco tours, which are like Saturday mornings where we run you through this. Just like if you went to Nashville and went to a microbrewery or distillery, and they walk you through the process.” Their plan is to open on June 2nd.

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