Raising the Roof and Raising Job Prospects in the GTR

WEST POINT, MS – Courtesy of the Dispatch and Grant McLaughlin

Jay McCord, roofing instructor, recently spoke about the GAF GAF (General Aniline and Film Roofing) Academy program, which has been working with local roofing companies since 2019 to try to help them find qualified workers, as there has been a decline in their labor market in the past few years. Now, they are working hand-in-hand with Graham Roofing to help to train new workers in the field and help them to get jobs: “There’s not nearly enough young guys to come in, step up and take those roles over and to have those skills that are super valuable,” McCord said. “Everybody needs a roof. If your roofs are leaking, you have to get it fixed. So there’s always going to be a need for it.” An average entry-level salary is around $25K, and median pay for an experienced worker is more like $45K.

The training begins with a 3-day intensive program that includes construction techniques and safety lessons, which serve as a basis to expand one’s skills; companies will often offer and even pay for additional training in both areas. President and CEO Christee Holbrook said: “This is the stuff we look for — to partner with people on how to recruit into our industry — and what GAF is doing is amazing for contractors like us.”

The program itself is not only free – it offers a stipend to students, paying them to attend the training and earn the certification.

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