New Life Being Breathed into Columbus Place

COLUMBUS, MS – Courtesy of The Dispatch and Abigail Sipe Rochester

Columbus Place – June 2024 – Abigail Sipe Rochester – Dispatch Staff

Leigh Mall was purchased by the Hull Property Group in 2019; they later changed it into Columbus Place, and they have been working hard to transform it into a more modern venue, complete with outward-facing stores and newly-renovated interior suites. Their VP of Government Relations John Mulherin, said, “We’re still very bullish on the community and the market and look forward to great things. . . Once we finish all of this work, it’s going to be a shopping experience that not only the people of Columbus, but the people of the region can be proud of. . . “The next step there on the interior will be a full interior remodel, which will include additional lighting and carpeting,” he went on to say. “On the exterior, we need to finish the work out front first, but we’re going to redo the entire parking lot.”

They have made great strides since the demolition began in 2022, and they hope to be open for business as usual by early August.

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image credit: Columbus Place – June 2024 – Abigail Sipe Rochester – Dispatch Staff

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