PACCAR to Expand Operations, Bring New Job Opportunities

COLUMBUS, MS – Courtesy of the GTR LINK

International automotive company PACCAR is set to expand its local manufacturing facility by 50 thousand square feet in order to expand their capabilities. They anticipate that this project will allow them to create a hundred more local jobs by 2026. They are investing nearly $210 million into the expansion. Construction on the site is planned to commence this December. The MDA, Lowndes County, TVA, and 4-County Electric are also providing support for this massive project.

“This exciting announcement is the latest reminder of how Mississippi’s efforts to foster economic growth are a vital part of our state’s economic future. In addition to creating so many exciting new opportunities for so many individuals, these 100 new jobs will benefit the Golden Triangle Region by building a stronger tax base and supporting local businesses. MDA exists to help spur economic development in Mississippi’s communities, and we are glad to support PACCAR as the company grows in Columbus.” – MDA Deputy Executive Director Laura Hipp

“From the day PACCAR selected Lowndes County as the site for its engine plant, I have been impressed by the Company. This iconic company has continued to reinvest in not only its facility here but in our community and its people. The Golden Triangle is a vastly better place because of PACCAR, and I would like to think that PACCAR is a better Company because of the Golden Triangle.” – Joe Max Higgins, CEO, Golden Triangle Development LINK

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