Collaboration with Liquid Wire Announced

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. – Courtesy of WCBI

MSU, Toyota Mississippi, and Liquid Wire Inc. will soon be working together to bring the latter’s wearable circuitry technology to the workplace. LW’s products, which are also used in the medical field, consist primarily of flexible monitoring equipment that can be imprinted upon clothing to allow for remote monitoring of workers, patients, etc, so as to apprise risks to their joints and safety, so that safety problems can be addressed, reduce workplace injuries as a result of repetitive stress, and so on. The announcement was made at MSU’s Athlete Engineering Summit, held at EMCC.

“Train the next generation of workers . . . You think about in a workplace where repetitive motions industry and carpal tunnel and all these and what the engineering research is finding is that you can help people avoid these injuries by workarounds and being in shape and exercising,” said Scott Alsobrooks, EMCC President.

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