More Industry Moving to the GTR Area


Columbia Industries is relocating operations to Starkville – Stephen Pimpo, WCBI

The MS Dev Authority has announced that Oregon oilfield & solid waste equipment manufacturer Columbia Industries is preparing to move from their original home to Starkville, and that they have dedicated over $9.5 million to the effort. They hope to create more than sixty local and regional jobs in the process, including both internal and external ones that will be needed to support the company. The plan is to have them all filed by next year: “Columbia Industries contacted us in a sense because they really wanted to locate in the southeast,” says GT LINK COO Meryl Fisackerly. “Given just the proximity to some of their customers, quality of life. They also were having a really hard time where they (were) with taxes.” She went on to say that “This project is located in Oktibbeha County but it’s going to provide jobs for people in numerous counties throughout the region and then even beyond the counties that we work.”

Mayor Lynn Spruill stated that “Obviously, we want to be a place where people want to be (and travel) from all over the country,” she says. “If they can do business here and feel as though they’re going to be successful, then that’s exactly what we want.”

The local construction and rehabilitation process is expected to start sometime around August of this year.

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