Harnessing the Power of the Sun

COLUMBUS, MS – Courtesy of the Dispatch and Abigail Sipe Rochester

The Golden Triangle II battery bank and substation in Lowndes County – courtesy of Origis

GT LINK CEO Joe Max Higgins, in conjunction with Origis, reports that the Golden Triangle II solar project has recently come online: “Its location [in Lowndes County], next to the Golden Triangle megaplex, will provide renewable power on a large scale,” Higgins said in the release. “The project will also provide millions of dollars to our schools and county government.” Two other such sites are currently under construction, and are expected to be up and running by next year.

“Solar energy enhances Mississippi’s economic competitiveness, and Origis is removing limits to a cleaner, brighter future by building the region’s clean-energy infrastructure,” Origis Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Development Officer Johan Vanhee said in a press release.“Golden Triangle II is the first step in fostering a zero-carbon economy across the state that supports our nation’s economic and energy security goals.”

The projects are providing about 500 construction jobs and a local economic benefit to the tune of over $100 million during construction.

Please click here for the original article: https://cdispatch.com/news/new-solar-project-up-and-running-in-lowndes-county/

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