Future of Leigh Mall Looking Bright

COLUMBUS, MS – Courtesy of the Dispatch and Slim Smith

Having been purchased by the Georgia-based Hull Group in 2019, Leigh Mall has been undergoing extensive renovation since that time in order to transform it into a primarily outward-facing shopping center, which has been dubbed “Columbus Place.” They are on pace to complete the external facade renovations before the end of the year, after which, new businesses will be able to begin moving in. They are also just about ready to begin extensive work on redoing the parking lot; work on that may begin as soon as the week after Thanksgiving if all goes well. Hull has accepted some tax incentives from the City as an incentive for their massive investment in the site.

The former Leigh Mall, now Columbus Place at 1404 Old Aberdeen Road – Grant McLaughlin, The Dispatch

Hull Property Group VP of Government Relations John Mulherin says that they “have been approached by several companies, and our leasing team is working feverishly on the new leases.” 13 new outward-facing spaces and some interior ones are being worked on, allowing for a total of 37 spaces for businesses to occupy, both inside and out.

“The Hull Group has been great to work with,” Mayor Keith Gaskin said. “I stay in contact with them about the mall, and we are excited about the changes that are already happening there and look forward to future retail and stores that will be coming our way.”

Please note that the mall is still open for business in the meantime.

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