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GOLDEN TRIANGLE REGION, MS – Courtesy of the Dispatch, Grant McLaughlin, and the CAFB


Michele Fant, owner of Taste Italian Kitchen in Starkville, will soon open a new venue offering Greek style cuisine where Humble Taco used to be at 511 University Drive. Bluto’s Greek Tavern, is slated to open up shop on January 16th. “We wanted to bring some different options to this town than it already has,” Fant said. “So it’s a great opportunity to bring some Greek in a college town and do something fun and young and hip for the kids and adults.”

The Guadalajara Bar and Grill is looking to open in late January or early February at 211 Hwy. 12 in the former Pizza Hut building.

Project Manager Fernando Gomez said, “We’re always aiming for new opportunities and we saw a great one here.”


Meanwhile, a new Pizza Hut is under construction at 7003 Hwy 45. Alt. N. It should be open next month.


Slim Chickens is nearing completion at 1923 Hwy 45 in between Jalisco and Mike’s Liquor. They are on track to finish construction in late January, and then all they’ll need is a City inspection, and they’ll be ready to go. The chain offers chicken tenders and other dishes in a manner similar to Raising Cane’s or Zaxby’s.

Also in Columbus, the Air Force Base has increased itsGreek-style focus on providing more food options on base. Hunt Brothers Pizza now has a section open in the Express.

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