State Wants to Expand CompSci Learning in Schools


Mississippi is taking one more step towards making sure that our children will be ready to compete in the brutal job markets once they graduate. Our state has lagged behind for years in this area, but now it’s high time we do something about it – And that’s Good for Business!cs4ms logo

Courtesy Jeff Amy/The Associated Press

JACKSON — Greene County School Superintendent Charles Breland wants to see more MS residents computer-trained by the time they graduate high school. Thanks to a new push from the State, that dream is rapidly coming closer to being a reality. A total of 34 districts will send 167 elementary school and 68 high school teachers for training this summer, in the first phase of a plan to increase learning about computers in all grades.

“We see the need for so many tech-related jobs out there that aren’t filled,” said Breland. “I look at it as future economic development for not only Greene County but the state of Mississippi.”

The state has set aside $200,000 for training students, but this is just the first step. The idea is that new grade levels will be added yearly, with all of K through 12 to be covered by the mid-2020’s.More info about the program can be found Online:

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