President Jim Borsig of The W Speaks About His Plans For The Future

Jim Borsig, President of the W

Jim Borsig, President of the W

President Jim Borsig provides an update on university plans in his spring letter to The W community. ‪#‎TheW‬

He first spoke to the history of the W, and recent strides forward:

In 1966 The W was desegregated and the first steps taken by a handful of courageous students to open our doors of opportunity to all Mississippians. The university’s official observance begins this year at Homecoming, as the first event organized to celebrate The W’s African-American graduates will take place. The Black Alumni Reunion Gala is open to all attending Homecoming, and I hope you will join us for this fun event.

He also spoke of the need for all of us to step forth into the future as one united people:

It is a mistake to dwell on division when so much unites us. As Mississippians we know our state’s challenges and opportunities, and we know we cannot afford to deliberately impair our future by marginalizing any among us.

As a public university The W is responsible for educating all Mississippians, and to be successful in our mission we must be welcoming to all, while at the same time respectful of diversity of opinion. I encourage each of you to carefully consider this issue and to exercise civic engagement as our state leaders also consider these issues.

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