4-County’s Foundation Has Donated Over $1 Million To Date

GOLDEN TRIANGLE, MS – Courtesy of the Dispatch

4-County Electric Power Association Foundation recently announced that they have donated more than $1 Million in grants to schools, charitable organizations, and others over the years. The primary source of that funding is an optional program whereby their customers can round their power bills up to the next dollar – and an impressive 93% of their customers have chosen to do just that.

4-county CEO Brian Clark
(courtesy photo)

4-County CEO Brian Clark called the awards a “monumental achievement. . . It’s hard to truly measure the impact the 4-County Foundation has had for organizations involved in our service area,” he went on to say. “Thanks to 4-County members, the Foundation board, the 4-County board and its employees, we’ve been able to enhance the quality of life for our members. … One million dollars given away is special.”

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