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Good Eats in Starkville to Help You Face the Day

wcbi-logo-wblack-box-smallCommodore Bob’s in Starkville does a thriving business dishing up fantastic grub at lunch and dinner, as well as a Sunday brunch for all comers. They serve plenty of locals, students, and tourists, so you’d better get there early or you might not find a seat! They and other restaurants help to keep Starkville fed and happy, and that’s Good for Business!

Today, their head chef demonstrates how to make an indulgent “grown-up’s ham & cheese sandwich” – the classic Croque Monsieur.

Commodore Bob’s Yacht Club is located at 102 Rue du Grand Fromage, Suites C & D, Starkville, MS 39759   –   (662) 268-8326

Courtesy of WCBI – Click the link below to view video:

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Tax Incentive Back on the Agenda for Wal-Mart in Northern Starkville

Tax Incentive Back on the Docket for Wal-Mart in Northern Starkville

A proposal to add a tax increment, which was shot down several months ago, will be back on the Agenda for the Starkville Board of Aldermen in a couple of weeks. The intention is to provide money to help set up proper infrastructure and other construction-related costs to allow a new Wal-Mart to be built on the North side of Starkville, which has gone without a convenient option for grocery shopping for decades. A number of elderly residents seem to welcome the idea of a new store, even if it means higher taxes – and, if it works, it could help to bring in other stores, as well…And That’s Good for Business!

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – starkville-story-wcbi-wm

A proposed Neighborhood Walmart store in Starkville will be back on the board of aldermen’s agenda when they meet again. If they approve the project, there would be a $1.3 million dollar tax increment to finance it.

A twenty-minute trip to the grocery store may not seem long, but resident June Carpenter says it is for most elderly. For 50 years, Carpenter has lived in Starkville, and has spent most of her time living on the northeastern side, where there hasn’t been a near by grocery for decades. She stated, “Really, I don’t like the idea of paying the TIF, but the problem is the city leaders have paid the TIF to have businesses on the west side of town, so now it’s time for them to equal it out, and pay the TIF to have stores on our side of town.”

Alderwoman Lisa Wynn says the town needs Walmart, more than Walmart needs Starkville. That’s why the city needs to prepare to provide some tax incentives: “The soil is not of good quality, it would have to be removed. We’re talking about construction of a street. The sewer would have to be developed in that area. Smaller businesses wouldn’t be able to afford that, and even if a developer were to come in and want to do it, I can assure you he will be asking us for TIF also.”

The project will be brought up again for discussion on November 15th.

Click here for more info and the full article:

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MSU Student Volunteers Come Together to Help Feed Those in Need

MSU Student Volunteers Come Together to Help Feed Those in Need

STARKVILLE, MS (Sourced from Starkville Daily News, WCBI) –

ms stateRoughly a hundred MSU student volunteers recently joined forces to pack and ship five thousand meals to be sent out to hungry families in Mississippi and beyond, as part of a project to help raise awareness of food insecurity.The Oxfam Hunger Banquet model was used for their pre-work meal, where students were divided up into several groups meant to proportionally represent various “income levels” and what families at those levels might find themselves eating. The smallest group by far – those randomly chosen as the “high income” group, sat down at the tables for a multi-course meal with real plates and silverware; the largest two groups – the “low income” ones, sat on the floor with paper plates, plastic forks, a mound of mashed potatoes – and precious little else. Students reportedly ate relatively little, many of them never having previously known just how bad many families in need really have it.

Click the links below for the full articles and more info:

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Local Boy Done Wood — News in the World of Food

20150424085747-58f2ab97Info courtesy of the Dispatch

Main Street to Get a New Kind of Furniture Store

Mississippi Steel Processing’s president, Chip Gerber, has been waiting a long time to open up a shop that showcases his passion. On Thursday, September 29th, he will get his wish. that will be the first operating day of his new shop, The Steel Forest Furniture Company at 515 Main Street. Gerber has been making hand-crafted furniture as a hobby out of Mississippi wood and steel for years, and now he’s had the opportunity to increase production of his custom pieces, and share them with his eager customers. Please come on out to show your support for this new type of store, run by a local hobbyist-turned-artisan!

 Under New Management: Cattleman’s Steak and Fish

One of Columbus’ best-known restaurants will re-open at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 29th. They are  located at 301 Tuscaloosa Road, and they will now be offering an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet, in addition to their other fare. They will be open from 4:30 p.m.-9 p.m. Thursday-Saturday, and from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Sunday with a lunch buffet.

 Avast, Matey! Krispy Kreme Shares the sweet Booty!

Monday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and Krispy Kreme has continued its popular tradition of giving out free donuts to patrons who come in dressed as pirates, or who were at least talking like them, on that day. Store Manager Jessica Carpenter reports that they gave away more than 6,300 donuts to gleeful participants this year.

For more info, you can read the full article at the Dispatch:

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Video: Starkville Contemplating a WalMart Near Hwy 12

Video: Starkville Contemplating a WalMart Near Hwy 12

Courtesy of WCBI


The Mayor and Aldermen will take up a proposal on the Starkville Neighborhood Market Project on Tuesday, October 4th. The proposed site, east of Hwy 12, will cost about $14 million to set up, and will hopefully provide both jobs and a supermarket for students and other residents on the east side of town and nearby areas.

The project would be paid for through a tax increment financing plan.

Video: The Starkville Neighborhood Market Project

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Local Girl Making Amazing Sweets — And Baking Good Business!

Got a sweet tooth? How about placing an order with a local entrepreneur who has an established business selling fresh, delicious cupcakes and brownies just a few weeks ago, and is already a big hit with the local community! Magnolia Cakes is a small business, but one with plenty of potential – the amazing part is, it’s run by a 13-year old Columbus high school student named Katelyn Lowe.

Courtesy of the Dispatch:

Katelyn Lowe, 13, of Columbus is selling homemade baked goods this summer. She plans to donate part of the proceeds to charity. Katelyn Lowe, 13, of Columbus is selling homemade baked goods this summer. She plans to donate part of the proceeds to charity. Photo by: Courtesy photo

Katelyn Lowe, 13, of Columbus is selling homemade baked goods this summer. She plans to donate part of the proceeds to charity. Photo by: Courtesy photo

Katelyn got her start making goodies for her family and friends, and word of her skills soon spread to her church family at Kolola Springs Baptist in Caledonia. Enough people wanted her baked goods that she was soon able to establish a small business to sell them and gain further reach. She credits her skill to her mother:

“My mom likes to cook a lot, and she makes these really good desserts that I love,” she said.

Lowe reports that she’s gotten over a dozen orders in just over a month, and word is spreading fast. While her mother helps her shop for baking supplies, the young teen pays for her own ingredients with her business’ revenue. Customers may order Lowe’s sweets in any amount, but she prices cupcakes at $18 per dozen, cupcakes with filling at $22 per dozen and brownie buttons at $10 a dozen. Lowe said she plans to donate a portion of her final profit this summer to Lowndes County Imagination Library and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis.

Lowe created a business website,, because she had no idea her business would grow so quickly. She hopes her website will allow customers to order online. She hopes to be able to continue filling orders once school starts, if her schedule allows.

Lowe is the daughter of Jeff and Melinda Lowe of Columbus.

Click here for the full article:

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President’s Cup Soccer Tournament Brings in an Estimated Two Million Dollars

President’s Cup Soccer Tournament Brings in an Estimated Two Million Dollars

Courtesy of the Commercial Dispatch –

The tournament, which is the state’s largest, took place here in Columbus this past weekend, bringing with it about 120 teams from across the state, as well as more than six thousand loyal fans. Nancy Carpenter, executive director of the Columbus-Lowndes CVB, reports that the total economic impact on our area is around two million dollars. Hotels for miles around were booked solid, and many visitors reported that local restaurants went out of their way to provide superlative service.

Mario Aguirre, left, a member of Columbus United, looks to make a play during the Presidents Cup Tournament in Columbus this weekend. Photo by: Courtesy photo

Mario Aguirre, left, a member of Columbus United, looks to make a play during the Presidents Cup Tournament in Columbus this weekend. Photo by: Courtesy photo

Columbus also played host to the recent SLW bass fishing tournament, with approximately 300 fishermen on 147 boats, many of whom had been coming up to check out the local waters for weeks in order to prepare for the event.

“It’s been a huge, huge weekend,” Carpenter said.

Games were held a the Soccer Complex, as well as at Cook soccer field and Columbus High School soccer fields.

Click here for the full article:

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Market Street Starts Tomorrow Night! Mardi Gras Comes to Columbus!

market street 2016Just a reminder, everyone! Columbus’ 21st Market Street Festival kicks off tomorrow night with a bang and a party! This year’s theme is Mardi Gras, so wear your best purple, gree, and gold outfit and Laissez les Bon Temps Roulez!

The kid-friendly party will get rolling at around 7 PM with music from New Orleans band, The Big Fun Brass Band! A couple hours later, zydeco legends Rockin Dopsie will take the stage! Food will be available Friday evening and all through the Friday~Saturday festival. The concert is free — Bring your folding chairs, but please leave your coolers and pets at home. More wonderful music, arts & crafts, and foods will be sold throughout the Main Street area during Market Street.

You can find a complete music and events lineup at 

You can also give Market Street a call at 662-328-6305 for more info.

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The young people of Columbus are out there, serving our community – literally!

loaves n fishesCOLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) —
Students from the W and from West Lowndes HS served folks in need at Loaves and Fishes this past Wednesday, as part of Global Youth Service Day.
“When I was first contacted about this, I thought it was about teaching teenagers how to cook something simple, something healthy, to get them away from snack foods and fast food restaurants, but then it turned into a community event,” said Wilson Beck, a chef at Zachary’s.
See more at the link below:
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Mayor’s Unity Picnic TODAY in Columbus

6295577-unity-picnicThe Mayor’s Eighth Annual Unity Picnic will be held Saturday at Columbus Riverwalk Park, after Catfish in the Alley, from 4 to 8 p.m. The family-friendly event is free and open to the public. There will be hot dogs and catfish, as well as a live band, a DJ and jump castles for children.  All food and events have been donated by local businesses, organizations, and individuals. There will also be a half-marathon beginning at 7 a.m., which takes runners alongside the Tombigbee River bed. A 5K begins at 8 a.m. and goes through Columbus’s historic neighborhoods. Catfish in the Alley begins at 10 a.m. on Fourth Street, where families can enjoy food and live music.



The Mayor’s Unity Picnic is sponsored by Mayor Robert Smith, the Columbus-Lowndes Recreation Authority and the Columbus Visitors’ Bureau.



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