2015 Crystal Pineapple Tourism Awarded to The Mill at MSU

Mark Castleberry got some well-deserved praise last week when the Starkville Development Partnership honored Castle Properties for the completion on the Mill Project. It was a Herculean effort by Castleberry and his team, as the concept of a reclamation project for the Mill had been tossed around for nearly 20 years. Castle Properties has been at the forefront of commercial development in Columbus and Starkville for the last 10 years, and their team is definitely good for business!

(via the Starkville Development Partnership)
“The Partnership was proud to present the 2015 Crystal Pineapple Tourism Award to The Mill at MSU! This stunning historic preservation project has recreated the Russell Street corridor and serves as a wonderful example of “partnership” between MSU and the community of Starkville. Congratulations, Castle Properties!”

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Good News is Good For Business

As I finally fell asleep after a long night of huddling with my family in case the big storm did hit, I went to bed grateful for the abundance of media coverage available in the Golden Trianlge that kept me in the loop.
Columbus and Starkville were on high alert all day yesterday, as thunderstorms and tornadoes ripped through our state. Most areas in Mississippi were spared any major damage or injury- the situation could have been much worse.

WCBI's Jpey Barnes

WCBI’s Joey Barnes

Throughout the day, local news outlets in print, television and social media prepared us for the worst. WCBI and WTVA interrupted local broadcasts when the storm got close, and supplemented their coverage on both social media and websites (WCBI, in particular, dominated coverage on Twitter. Kudos to Robby Donoho and Joey Barnes for giving up-to-the-second updates when the broadcast was going in and out-CK.)
For an area as relatively small and rural as we may seem, we are blessed to have so much media available. WCBI-TV is based in Columbus, and WTVA-TV has a full time crew for the GTR as well. We also have an abundance of print coverage, with The Commercial Dispatch, Starkville Daily News, Daily Times-Leader for daily and semi-daily papers and the both the Columbus Packet and Macon Beacon, both known state-wide for their presence in the weekly segment.

WCBI's Robby Donoho

WCBI’s Robby Donoho

I doubt there is any area with a population our size in the Deep South that is served so thoroughly. This kind of coverage – regardless of anyone’s interpretation of political leanings or quality – helps contribute to a better business climate. Those who want to be in the know, who want to be informed, can get information.
I encourage you all to do what you can to pay attention to the local news, to digest it, and to maybe reach out and participate in it. As a former newsman, I can tell you that the main reason events, good deeds, or nefarious activities go unnoticed in the news is because nobody reached out to the media. The more good news that is out there, the better it is for business.
If you see something- say something… good, bad, or otherwise. We’ve got enough news to go around, take advantage of it…or it could go away.

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Our team for economic development

Our team for economic development

The GTR LINK has brought over 5000 jobs and nearly 5 BILLION DOLLARS in economic development to the Golden Triangle area (Starkville, Columbus, West Point) in the last 12 years.
This powerhouse continues to push for our community, recently announcing the $100,000,00 expansion at Steel Dynamics. The LINK is always good for business.
Link director Joe Max Higgins often says, “Retail development is a byproduct of Industrial development.”

This quote rings true, especially in Starkville and Columbus, where we have seen millions in new retail development in recent years, including the openings of Chik-Fil-A, Buffalo Wild Wings, Lost Pizza, The Mill conference center, Hobby Lobby, Dick’s sports, Cracker Barrel, Michael’s, Ulta Beauty, Longhorn Steakhouse, as well as 7 major hotels just in the last 5 years.
National businesses are flocking to the GTR because of the hard work of the LINK, and local small business owners are the foundation the LINK was built on.

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Pryer & Morrow Architects and Engineers Celebrate 30 Years serving the GTR

We’re fortunate to have some very heavy hitters in the architectural field based here in the area celebrating a pretty big milestone. Pryer & Morrow Architects and Engineers are celebrating 30 years of business with a fun little video.
Roger and Chris have made huge impact across the region with several high profile projects, and their energy and expertise has helped keep the Golden Triangle as strong as ever.
They’re not just good for business, they are flat-out great!


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The Steel Industry is Booming in the GTR!


SDI is staying strong as an important building block of our local economy. — Click the link below for more information and a video courtesy of WCBI!

Posted by Good for Business With Colin Krieger on Monday, February 1, 2016

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GTR LINK is on-hand for the opening of Steel Dynamics’ new multi-millon dollar plant!

The LINK brings the thunder again, as Steel Dynamics breaks ground on their $100,000,000 paint facility! 40 more jobs for the Golden Triangle, and 100 million more reasons to be sure that the GTR LINK and Jo Max Higgins are good for business!!

jmh steel dynamics

You can find more info about the groundbreaking here:


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The GSDP is excited to welcome State Urgent Care to Starkville


12605552_1100381076660810_495536641310206603_oStarkville welcomes a new clinic and all of its wonderful staff to the city!

The Greater Starkville Development Partnership is excited to welcome State Urgent Care to Starkville and as a member of the Chamber with a ribbon cutting. Courtney, Misty and staff at State Urgent Care can be found at 521 South Montgomery Street in Starkville.


state urgent carePosted by Good for Business With Colin Krieger on Friday, January 22, 2016

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Congrats to the Brislin Family for 60 Years in Business!

Congrats to the Brislin family, they are an integral part of our community, and an amazing family as well! The Golden Triangle is a better place because of their efforts and integrity.

Posted by Good for Business With Colin Krieger on Monday, January 18, 2016

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