K-Mart Building on the Auction Block

COLUMBUS, MS – Courtesy of the Dispatch and Grant McLaughlin

The former Kmart building at 2308 Hwy 45 N is slated for online auction Oct 10-12 – Grant McLaughlin – Dispatch Staff

The commercial real estate agency Crexi recently posted a listing for the old K-Mart structure on Hwy 45, which has lain vacant since late 2018. The opening bid will be $750,000, and prospective bidders have until Oct 10 to put down a $10,000 deposit and pass a background check, as well as meeting other requirements. “The vacant box is 412 (feet) by 282.2 (feet), creating an ample amount of frontage for retail redevelopment,” the listing reads. “This will give investors flexibility when backfilling the center, allowing them to subdivide the space in a way that is suitable for prospective retailers.” Lowndes County tax records estimate the property’s value at $3.1 million.

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Much-Anticipated Triangle Crossing Mall Opening Soon in Stark Vegas


Triangle Crossing, located at Highway 12 and Industrial Park Road, has been under construction since October of last year. The former Garan Manufacturing site has been transformed into a retail and grocery center, featuring businesses such as ALDI, Marshalls, Rack Room Shoes, and more. While the other stores will be opening their doors in October, Five Below will be ready for shoppers on September 2nd. The mall itself will have a grand opening and ribbon cutting on November 2nd at 10 AM.

Developer Mark Castleberry said that “It will employ about 200 people and that’s a significant employer and it will generate approximately 35 million in annual sales . . . [and] there will be other secondary benefits to the community.”

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Columbus Keeps on Rollin’!

COLUMBUS, MS – Courtesy of the Dispatch and Grant McLaughlin

Foxhole Comics and Games will soon be opening its doors at 109 Fifth Street S. They will offer comics, gaming supplies, and the like, as well as spaces where patrons can play games such as Pokemon, D&D, and Magic: The Gathering. Owner Daniel Criddle, a 22-year veteran, says that the store’s name was inspired by his time in the military. His inspiration for opening Foxhole was that “This is something that the city doesn’t have. It doesn’t have a gaming culture anywhere in the city . . . We have the Comic-Con maybe once every couple of years but it’s not been very consistent.”

A new seafood place called Fish Basket will also be opening in September in the former Little Dooey location at 928 Alabama St.

Finally, Gon Thai on Main St near the CAC recently began opening for lunch service once again.

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…Nothing Really Rhymes with Billiards

STARKVILLE, MS – Courtesy of the Dispatch and Grant McLaughlin

The venerable Southern Billiards at 103 S. Washington St. in Starkville will be reopening tomorrow! They renovated the place in December 2019 and planned to reopen shortly after that, but certain events got in the way. Owner Sam Gilmer said, “There’s a lot of our regulars that have asked me over the years when I was going to get back open. . . So I expect to see a lot of them Friday and over the weekend and next couple of weeks.”

The Starkville Area Arts Council will soon be featuring the art of half a dozen locals at their new gallery at 122 E. Main St. in Starkville; the planned premiere date will be September 1st. Program Coordinator Juliette Reid said, “Hopefully with all the wonderful new people who are maybe coming to town for the first time, or they’re just going down Main Street before they go off to the game, we can get our name out there, get the artists’ information out there and sell some art.”

Ales Amazing Graze is an online seasonal charcuterie board business that sells specialty decorated food boards and boxes to customers. Please go check them out!


Marvin’s at 939 Alabama St. will be holding a special event in the evening of September 1st. Patrons will enjoy a 15-percent discount on hunting gear from 4-7 p.m., as well as a cookout from 5-6:30. They will also feature demonstrations and info from a number of local hunting-related companies such as meat processors and taxidermists.

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MSU College of Business to Receive Continued Grant Funding

STARKVILLE, MS — Courtesy of

Photo credit: Megan Bean

The US EDA has awarded MSU’s College of Business a $550,000 grant to further its ongoing efforts to help entrepreneurs and businesses do what they do best. The grant will help by funding field studies, research, marketing strategies, and more in order to bolster the efforts of startups and other small businesses that might otherwise struggle to stand out. The program also provides education to K-12 students with regards to financial literacy and the basics of entrepreneurship.

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New Vehicle Manufacturing Plant Promises 90 Jobs, $15M+ in Investment in GTR Area

LOWNDES COUNTY, MS – Courtesy of the Golden Triangle Development LINK

courtesy image

The LINK has announced that Terberg Taylor Americas Group, LLC, in conjunction with Royal Terberg Group of the Netherlands, will soon open a specialty vehicle manufacturing plant in Lowndes County. The facility will produce, sell and rent out terminal tractors, and is intended to serve as a major hub for the distribution of these vehicles over a broad area; they have several other facilities in the US already. They plan to create ninety new jobs by the time they’re up and running; they plan to roll the first tractor off the line in Q3 2023.

“We are delighted that both family businesses are setting up a joint venture to produce terminal tractors in the United States. The combination of expertise, craftsmanship, experience and network of Terberg and Taylor will give a great boost to the sales and service of Terberg terminal tractors in the United States. The collaboration with Taylor felt very positive from the start in 2020. With this strategic step, we expect an acceleration of growth in the coming years.” – Godfried Terberg, Chairman of the Board, Royal Terberg Group and Rob van Hove, CEO, Terberg Special Vehicles

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OMS Bringing New Steel Fab Plant, Jobs

FAYETTE, AL – Courtesy of Advance Local

O’Neal Manufacturing Services is planning a steel fabrication facility in Fayette, Ala (O’Neal)

Alabama Commerce Secretary Greg Canfield has announced that O’Neal Manufacturing Services has plans to build a is planning a $5.5 million, 130,000-square-foot steel fabrication plant in Fayette. They expect to create seventy new jobs within three years of the plant’s opening. “This is a positive development for the community not only in terms of job creation but also for growth potential in the future,” he said.

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Princess May Once Again Be Belle of the Ball

COLUMBUS, MS – Courtesy of The Dispatch and Brian Jones

Columbus Arts Council Operating Director Salem Gibson, left, and Princess Theater owner William “Bart” Lawrence in front of the theater – Brian Jones – Dispatch Staff

Princess theater owner William “Bart” Lawrence recently reopened the bar there and has announced that he will soon partner with the CAC to bring new life to the place. The Princess has had a number of functions during its lifetime, and Lawrence hopes to improve it even further: “We’re looking at film, at live music, at stage performances,” Lawrence said. “The great thing about that room is with the right setup the sky’s the limit.”

CAC Operating Director Salem Gibson remarked that “We want to help make sure there is live music, there are poetry readings, there are activities going on, and we’ve got to get out to do that. . . (Lawrence) was coming to a lot of our events, and I think he saw what the CAC is doing and our direction, and our goals kind of lined up with where he wanted to be.”

The venue has room to support 350 seats at the floor level and another 200 in the balcony.

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Get Happy! Slim Chickens is coming to Columbus

COLUMBUS, MS – Courtesy of Pinpoint

Pinpoint Commercial Real Estate just announced that they have closed a deal to bring the Slim Chickens franchise to Columbus. They make cooked-to-order chicken tenders, wraps, and more. The location will be north of Walmart on Hwy 45. Sam Cox of Pinpoint had this to say: “We were able to secure this wonderful site for our client in the great town of Columbus. The Sellers were local members of the community and were great to work with. We are grateful to help be a part of this transaction helping provide another quality eatery in the city of Columbus.”

Word around town is that the location might be 1923 Hwy 45 North in the old Menotti Honda location. Thanks to Ray Toney from Q107.5 for the tip!

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A Good Hot Meal and a Cool, Frozen Dessert

COLUMBUS, MS – Courtesy of the Dispatch & Grant McLaughlin

Co-owner Edgar Alvarez has announced that La Campana, a Mexican restaurant, will soon open in the old Front Door Back Door/Old 82 building at 400 Main St.: “If we need to start off doing curbside or something like that before we can get fully staffed, that may be the route that we go for right now,” he said. The plan is to be open by August 15th.

pOpshelf, an “Almost everything $5 or less”-style store, is about to open a location here in Columbus at 1800 Hwy 45 N this Fall. “We are thrilled to expand the pOpshelf offerings into the Magnolia State and look forward to having customers pop by our new stores in Columbus and Clinton later this year,” pOpshelf senior director of store operations Matt Frame said in a press release. They hope to bring fifteen new jobs locally; they will also be opening a store in Clinton.


Dolce, providers of ice-cold gelato, recently opened its doors at its new location at 509 University Drive. Co-owner Robbie Coblentz reports that their customers have been coming back in droves: “It was incredible Saturday night, we had 350 to 400 people through in about a three and a half hour window,” Coblentz said. “It was great to get that amount of support. Folks wanted to come by to get the gelato that they’ve been missing for a little bit and see the new location.”

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