Downtown: Old Buildings, New Life

COLUMBUS, Miss. — Courtesy of WCBI

New Orleans’ De la Tour Holdings purchased a cluster of buildings near 5th Street and 3rd Avenue not long ago, and they are working with veteran contractor Chris Chain to fix them up and convert them into space for some new stores and a set of eighteen luxury apartments. DLT CEO Bill Legeir said, “We’re going to put a new face on it that’s going to resemble exactly what it was back in the days when it was built.”

The structures were originally built in 1905, and Chain’s team estimates it will take around five months to bring them back to their former glory. The massive project should bring as many as 300 construction jobs into the area, according to Chain: “With all your subcontractors and their crews, you got electrical crews, you got mechanical crews, you got plumbing crews.”

Legeir went on to say that “As we looked into Columbus, we found out that it’s an ideal community . . . It offers a lot of stability and it offers a lot of potential for growth.”

Requests from potential renters have already been coming in; they plan to have the first ones move-in ready sometime in January.

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