New Life Soon to Be Breathed into Old Buildings

GOLDEN TRIANGLE REGION, MS – Courtesy of the Dispatch


Realtor Caroline Bromley reports that the former downtown Fred’s building is under contract. While the potential buyer has not yet been announced, it is hoped that a deal can be reached by the end of the year. The prospective buyer says that they want to renovate the Fred’s building in hopes of restoring it to how it looked a century ago, when it hosted Harden’s Bakery: “They have great plans for it,” Bromley said. “It’s going to be a plus for the community. . .The downtown area is a historic area and the new buyer is looking to keep it historically correct.”

Meanwhile, Listing Agent Royce Hudspeth reports that the old Ryan’s restaurant building on Hwy 45 is in a similar situation, and that it is “under contract and in due diligence.”


MUW alumnus Hannah Baird has formally opened up her food trailer, Nutrigroove, in the Little Dooey parking lot at the corner of Fellowship and Lampkin streets. They offer items such as acai fruit bowls, smoothies, herbal teas and bagels: “When I was there sitting on the beach I just knew I wanted to do this,” Baird said. “… I wanted to bring acai to Starkville so everyone else can enjoy it the same way I did. I just love it and so far everyone else does too.” Mon~Thurs from 7 a.m.-5 p.m. and Fri~Sat from 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

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