Superior Catfish Begins Work on New Expansion Plant in Macon

MACON, MS – Courtesy of the Dispatch

Groundbreaking has taken place at the Noxubee County site which will one day host a new catfish processing plant, bringing a number of new jobs to the county. The new, larger plant will replace the old one, which will become dry storage space. The estimated cost is $17 million, and it is expected to bring in 25 local jobs for the plant as well as 50-60 construction jobs. They expect to be ready for business in January 2021. The expectation is that it will bring with it a 20-25% production capacity increase for local farmers.

“I get a bigger satisfaction out of an announcement like this in rural Mississippi than I do with the bigger announcements,” said Mickey Milligan, chief economic development officer for the Mississippi Development Authority. “This is very meaningful to Macon and Noxubee County.”

rom left to right, District 3 Noxubee County Supervisor Sherman Patterson, Noxubee County Board of Supervisors President Eddie Coleman, Superior Catfish General Manager Fred Johnson, District 42 Rep. Carl Mickens, Merlinda Oliver, Chief Economic Developer Micky Milligan and District 1 Supervisor Larry Tate toss dirt in the air during a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday at Superior Catfish in Macon. The expansion of the plant will create an additional 25 jobs. Photo by: Jennifer Mosbrucker/Dispatch Staff 

“My heart is overwhelmed today because of this project,” Noxubee County District 1 Supervisor Larry Tat said. “Anytime you can sustain jobs and make an addition to what you’ve already got, that’s a plus. You don’t see that happening around the state of Mississippi, (but) it’s happening right here in Noxubee County today.”

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