GTR Area Collecting High Amounts of Sales Taxes TYD

GOLDEN TRIANGLE – Courtesy of The Dispatch

Area YTD sales tax collections up across Golden Triangle

GOLDEN TRIANGLE REGION, MS – Courtesy of The Dispatch

Aside from a small shortage in tax revenue, tax collection for the year so far is doing noticeably better than it was a year ago throughout the GTR region.

Halfway through the fiscal year, Columbus has brought in $4.85 million in tax revenue, as compared to $4.84 this time last year. This number comes from just before the recent re-implementation of the restaurant tax, so the total will be even higher soon.


Starkville continues to do gangbusters, with its revenue thus far sitting pretty at $3.66 million, where it was $3.48 million last year at this time.

“When we budget, we budget conservatively,” said Mayor Lynn Spruill. “We are always delighted when we exceed — particularly when we exceed above the amount we are showing above our budgeted amount.” 

West Point 

West Point is doing its part, as well, bringing in $1.68 million thus far, compared to $1.64 million from last year this time, despite the State withholding more money than usual due to prior overpayments to the city. Fortunately, those willbe ending soon.

“We’ve had a lot of retail growth, especially in the fast food sector,” West Point Mayor Robbie Robinson said. “To me, things are healthy here. It could be better, but we’ve had significant growth.” 

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