Planned Starkville Subdivision Seeking Roadway Variances

Planned Starkville Subdivision Seeking Roadway Variances

STARKVILLE – Courtesy of The Dispatch

John Tomlinson – Courtesy of The Dispatch

Starkville developer John Tomlinson is bringing the City a pair of variance requests for a proposed estate subdivision on the south side of Highway 182; the planned location will be between Long Lake and the Stark Road-Hwy 182 intersection. The planned variances are intended to allow for a sidewalk along Hwy 182 on the property’s northern edge, and an internal road with a walking path within the subdivision itself. No rezoning would be required.

Tomlinson stated that he would like to build the subdivision for 15 lots on about 22 acres of land.  “What we’re trying to do is replicate what’s on the east side, on Tally Ho Road,” he said. “We’re looking at the same type of road and construction. We think it’s got good topography. It’s got some good sight lines and lake view lines. That’s what we’re shooting for… We’d like the road to be narrow with no curb and gutter unless that’s what the engineer says that’s what we need,” Tomlinson later added. “We’re going to follow good environmental practices. We just don’t want to have to widen the road. We want to maintain the character of the site itself, as much as we can.”

Proposed subdivision overview (Courtesy of The Dispatch)

“I’m not in this to get rich, but I am in it to have a good place to retire,” Tomlinson went on to say. “If the city and planning folks will bear with us, I think it will be something Starkville can be proud of.”

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