Tronox’ Flagship Plant Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Tronox’ Flagship Plant Celebrates 60th Anniversary

HAMILTON, MS – Courtesy of the Monroe Journal

Tronox (formerly Kerr-McGee) recently noted its 60th anniversary with a gala celebration at its main titanium dioxide plant in Hamilton, bringing together many of its 427 employees, 150 contractors, retirees, local dignitaries, and company leaders.

“In many ways, our company was sort of born in Oklahoma City with the Kerr-McGee legacy. In truth, the heart of our company is here in Hamilton, and it’s really ironic and sweet to think about how full-circle our company has come,” said Tronox President and Chief Executive Officer Jeffry Quinn. He went on to state his confidence in the company’s continued great success, saying that  “The history here is very rich. The pride that’s been accomplished is real, and the excitement about the future is clearly discernable.”

“Without you, we wouldn’t be able to celebrate a 60th anniversary in Hamilton,” said Tronox Chief Operating Officer Jean-Francois Turgeon. “You have created that presence that’s leading today. Without the past and without the effort of the past, we wouldn’t be here in the present. It’s obviously our job as leaders is to create the future for Hamilton.”

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